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CHATEL Station de Sport d'Hiver et d'étéLocation de chalets



Tariff of the fixed prices : click-here

From the 10/01/2018 to the 10/02/2018 and the 10/03/2018 at the end of Season

7 nights with of furnished.
6 days of ski lifts ski-Field of CHATEL
 18KM OF Tracks 
Fixed prices valid on the 3 skiables fields of the stations: Super Chatel, Linga, Meadows Joux, 72 tracks and 54 ski lifts.
6 days of material of ski.

7 nights with of furnished
Fixed prices ski-lifts for 6 days skiable Field of the GATES OF the SUN
 650 KM OF TRacks
Fixed prices valid on 12 stations, 276 tracks and 234 ski lifts.
6 days of material of ski.

These formulas enable you to benefit from a material of the type relaxation, this taking into account agreements privileged with the professionals of the station.
On request one can profit from a material of ski, known as prestige with a supplement of 10 € for example of the snowblades or Must with a supplement of 20 € comprenand for example a snowboard.

The tariffs below include/understand the hiring of apartment, the fixed price of ski as well as the material of ski if you do not have it, this except school periods except for the holidays of Easter.
The tariff of the apartments alone is in bottom of the table below  

Leisure Package: * Adults: 20 to 64 years, * Child: 5- 15 years * Youth / Senior 16-19 /  65 years +,

* Full package: * Adult: 20-64 years * Senior: 65 + years, * Youth: 16 to 19 years * Children from 5 years to 15 years old

** Children: - 5 years free: (only lifts and accommodation free (maximum 1 child - from 5 years per family or group family delas forfaist the accommodation € 150 applies by way of such a couple and three children - 5 years = 1 free 1 fee). for the package, inquire at the counter for the lifts against brand, and for the rental of ski equipment paid directly to the landlord.
** hirings skis and shoes included/understood, Possible complementary services

Tariff Winter lift pass

Conditions of lodging :
The apartments classifies into 3 *:
Studio - 2/4 people
2 coins - 2/6 people, 3 coins - 2/8 people
4 coins - 4/8 people, 5 coins - 8/10 people
A guarantee of 500 € per apartment is requested from the arrival and is restored at the end of the stay after checking of the inventory of fixtures.
The installment will be preserved in the event of cancellation.

No refunding of the stay some is the reason.
The inscription with the one of the stays to propose by the SCI the Echo of the Mountains implies the general acceptance of the conditions.You can subscribe an insurance for the valid fixed price of the ski lifts in the event of losses or of accident directly to the seat of the ski lifts provided with your fixed price in this case this one becomes personal to get information directly near the co. for the conditions general to the

Go back to stay : Saturday 16 hours at Saturday 10 hours, that is to say 7 nights (other possible arrangements according to availabilities').
For any other formula, pedestrian or subscription ski of less lasted, us to consult.

Complementary services :

- the pair of cloths : 10 €
- bath Sheet : 3 €
- the towel : 2 €
- Cloth : 2 €
- Bed of baby : 23 €

- Studio 38 €, 2 parts 46 €, 3 parts 53 €, 4 parts 60 €, 5 parts 80 €

Prices : mean all expenses included/understood (heating, water, electricity), except cloth, household linen... and visitor's tax.
In general, the apartments are allocated according to their capacity of reception. As example: 2 or 4 people correspond to a studio or one 2 parts according to the availabilities. If the customers wish a top-of-the-range apartment (in our example, 4 people envisaged in one 2 parts want to pass to one 3 parts),  that is possible, but with the supplement comfort of an amount of € 150 for the apartment for all people, only for skiers, for those not skiing comfort surcharge will be calculated based on the price of the apartment.. If the apartment proposed were a studio, the supplement comfort would be due for one 2 parts. If the customer has an apartment allotted in a residence and wants another residence, the supplement comfort will be applied. In the possibility of a number of people higher than the initial capacity of the apartment, the supplement will be applied. A “complementary” apartment will then be proposed. This “complementary” apartment is not, to in no case, obligatorily located in the same residence; it will be allotted according to the availabilities of the period.

Photograph of identity : obligatory for the fixed price of ski to be sent with the installment.

Visitor's tax :  1,50€ per night and anybody, perceived with the arrival. to click Tariff and information here

To be sure to profit from our preferential arrangements it is recommended to carry out the reservations before December 18, 2016

Possibility reception of group, centers approved Jeunesse and Sport and National Education

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